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PAX East

Please select Yes below if you want to sign up for a 10×10 at PAX East. ¬†Importantly, email joel.dreskin, for tracking of specific studios interested.

Cost for space only is $1,550 (doesn’t include other expenses).

If 6 studios only (or first 6), there’s 20×30 space set aside at the show right now (, space 1092).

Contingent on prompt responses and interest, we could potentially extend this with adjacent spaces (e.g. 1093, 1192).

IMPORTANTLY — if we wanted to extend beyond the 20×30, we’d need to let them know promptly. ¬†These aren’t blocked off for us right now.

No need to fill in “No” below if you’re not interested.


Recurring meetings poll

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Bay Area Indies group name voting

Votes to be tallied on Wednesday, September 4