Good Game Club Event Prep for Nov 13

This page is for indies exhibiting at Good Game Club Wednesday November 13, 2013.

Exhibitor Space

Each exhibitor has a 4′ x 4′ space, which includes a 4′ long x 2′ wide x 29″ high table provided by the event organizers

Signage/Collateral/Your Space

We’ve arranged for signage with a local vendor, which is a 16″x20″ table top sign (foamcore) with an easel attached to the back.

The cost for this would be $18.00 per exhibitor.

If you want to go this route, we’ll provide a Dropbox folder for you to upload files to, and files must be received by Thursday, November 7.  We will take care of getting signs to the gallery on November 13 for the event.  Specs for this option are here.

You could choose to pursue a different way to get signs created of course (e.g. Kinkos).

IMPORTANT: The gallery cannot have signage hung from the walls.  They have existing wall hangings, so this couldn’t be accommodated.

We do not recommend signage hanging from the front of the table, as there will be people in front of the table blocking the signage.

Suggested information for your signs:

– Game name

– Company name

– Genre/Tagline

– Platforms planned

– Expected release timing


Another booth idea: create a display on a tablet device, running screenshot/video loop along with interspersed title cards communicating key info – game features, platforms, expected release date.

We definitely recommend having collateral to hand out to press and consumers attending, with the same information suggested for signage, as well as business cards for the press.  4.25″ x 5.5″ / postcard size could work well for printed collateral (the less bulky the better for consumers walking around the venue).

Per earlier emails, we also welcome sales direct to consumer on site — merch, Steam codes, whatever works for you.

We recommend having comp codes available for distribution to the press if relevant for your game.

You might also want to have giveaways/chatchkis too.


Each exhibitor is responsible for bringing whatever equipment is needed for demo-ing their games.

Be sure to bring external speakers and/or headphones for gamers coming to your kiosk

There are power outlets throughout the gallery.  Please bring power strips and extension cords that you have.

Event Day

The gallery will be open beginning at 1:00 pm on Wednesday November 13 for set up.  You don’t need to arrive that early, and it most likely wouldn’t take too long to get your space set up.

While there’s a loading zone in front of White Walls at 886 Geary Street, there will of course be a number of exhibitors dropping off materials during the course of the afternoon.  The times I’ve been to this space, parking hasn’t been too bad in this area.

Please have your set-up concluded by 4:30 pm, as doors open for press at 5:00 pm.

Break-down begins immediately after the event ends at 10:00 pm.  All exhibitor materials must be removed the evening of November 13.

Questions? Let us know!