Good Game Club

We hosted the first Good Game Club showcase on November 13, 2013 at the White Walls gallery in San Francisco, CA working with the Plan of Attack team, and the venue was packed close to capacity.

Exhibiting Games

The event included 26 games, some familiar and others completely new for attendees.  All games exhibiting at the showcase are posted here.

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On-site reports from Rock Paper Shotgun, GammaLaw and Error Not Found.

Good Game Club Picks

Gorogoa_profile_254The special Good Game Club judges, John Davison and Joystiq Editor in Chief Ludwig Kietzmann selected Gorogoa as their top pick for the show, and developer Jason Roberts won a Unity Pro license from our prize sponsor.

“It’s not easy encapsulating Gorogoa in a few words, and maybe that’s right for a game that doesn’t quite exist inside traditional borders.  Its gentle hand-drawn art wants you to study it like a painting – but it feels more like gazing through windows, that you can move and rearrange and stack to open new pathways for those beyond and inside the glass. It makes your brain wobble a bit.” – Ludwig Kietzmann, Joystiq

“Gorogoa features some absolutely beautiful illustrations and visual design, but it’s the deeply imaginative approach to its puzzles that had me hooked. The way that the panels of the game interact, and draw you deeper into the game is immensely satisfying.” – John Davison, Red Robot Labs

Videoball_Joel_254-198All attendees submitted ballots for their Good Game Club pick, and voted Action Button Entertainment and Midnight City’s VIDEOBALL as their winner, with the prize coming courtesy of sponsor Nvidia.

Read more at Joystiq and Indie Statik.

Academic Sponsor

Academic sponsor UC Santa Cruz’s Center for Games and Playable Media hosted a student gallery, with representatives on hand to speak with interested prospective students and others.


Press from top sites and blogs joined us early for a special press reception, including IGN, Wired, Joystiq, Kotaku, IndieStatik, Wired, Rock Paper Shotgun, PC World, The Koalition, Revision3, GameCritics, Got Game, Big Sushi and Delicatessen Digital as well as freelancers.

Future Events

We’re in the process of planning future events for 2014.  Please contact us if you’re interested in hearing more, and possibly getting involved to sponsor, show your game, or attend.  Press inquiries?

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