Best of Indie Press Day

IGN Executive Editor and Indie Press Day Judge Justin Davis and Joystiq Editor in Chief and Indie Press Day Judge Ludwig Kietzmann selected Mushroom 11 as their “Best of Indie Press Day” and Cannon Brawl as their runner up.

Justin Davis: “The indie scene is so exciting to me because of the sheer imagination and ingenuity on display.  At their best, indie games show me brand-new game experiences. ‘Mushroom 11’ is unlike anything else I’ve ever played, but it still manages to be intuitive and instantly understandable. ‘Canon Brawl’ takes two classic genres and remixes them in a very smart, exciting, and elegant way.”

Ludwig Kietzmann: “Mushroom 11’s cryptic title belies its easily decipherable, almost primal nature. The amorphous, fungus-like creature you goad through the game is not only an interesting thing to watch, but encourages an organic approach to traversing the environment. Squeezing through tunnels and balancing on platforms is a matter of shifting and shoving matter around, in a way that feels concise and predictable. The artwork in ‘Mushroom 11’ also evokes a sense of loneliness, and a question of what Earth might be like once humans are gone. It’s certainly a lot quieter.”

Attendees selected Travail as their favorite from Indie Press Day.

Press Attending Indie Press Day May 22, 2013 

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