Bunny Run (Team Krinoid)

Bunny Run is the story of a mischievous little creature called a bunny trying to escape from the treacherous grasp of a monster named KahRolll. As the player, you guide the bunny over and under obstacles to the beat of each level’s unique song in order to escape from Kahrolll’s relentless pursuit! Hit an obstacle and the level doesn’t start over, but the speed of the song slows with the bunny. Freedom for Bunnykind hangs in the balance!

Through innovative mechanics and creative storytelling, Bunny Run hopes to brings innovation to a much-treaded genre. At Indie Press Day we will be demoing a brand new, never before seen level of Bunny Run highlighting the game’s “Factory” section.

Game Details

Genre: Story-Driven Musical Platformer
PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, iOS, and Android (more TBA)
Release timeframe: Fall 2013

Press Assets

Screenshots, Logo, & MP3s: Download zip file
Trailer: YouTube

About Team Krinoid

Team Krinoid is an independent games studio from Santa Cruz, CA, composed of UCSC graduates John Peters (Programmer), Max Weinberg (Artist), and Peter Hunter (Writer/Composer). Their first game, a StarFox-inspired space shooter for iPad entitled “Syz: EG,” was the winner of the “Best Overall Game” award at UC Santa Cruz’ first annual “Sammy Awards.” Upon release the game was praised for its engaging narrative and innovative multi-touch control scheme.

Website: runwithbunnies.com
Press Contact: teamkrinoid@gmail.com