Cannon Brawl (Turtle Sandbox LLC)

Cannon Brawl is the next evolution of the artillery genre: a unique blend of real-time strategy and 2D artillery action. You command all the action from your airship, constructing, upgrading, and destroying your opponent. You must to keep attack pressure on your opponent while building up and protecting your economy, and since all the ground is destructible, it becomes a strategic resource in itself. Choose from a wide variety of weapons and defenses, everything from cannon towers to lasers to shields to warheads. This is all wrapped up in quick matches that usually last a very intense 5 minutes.

Cannon Brawl won 1st place in the 2011 Activision Independent Games Competition and was selected for the PAX 10 last year. At Indie Press Day, we’ll be showing the very latest build which represents improvements from 1000 hours of playtests!

Game Details

Genre: Action / Strategy
Platform: PC
Release timeframe: Summer / Fall 2013 on Steam

Press Assets

Screenshots: Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2
Trailer: YouTube

About Turtle Sandbox LLC

Turtle Sandbox is made up of former Maxis employees who once worked on Spore. Peter Angstadt does programming and design while Theresa Duringer whips up fantastic art. In 2011 they struck out on their own and decided to make the most fun action strategy game yet.

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