Enhanced Wars (Quarter Spiral)

Enhanced Wars [working title] takes the classic, turn-based strategy gameplay of the Advance Wars series and updates it for modern sensibilities. It is designed from the ground up to deliver a fast, accessible, and fulfilling experience that focuses on strategic use of your army, not resource hording and base defense. With a clean, modern visual style and slick UI presentation, Enhanced Wars delivers a multiplayer strategy game that is innovative but approachable, familiar but new.

Indie Press Day will be the first public announcement of Enhanced Wars [working title]. Be the first to play the early demo from two ex-BioWare producers.

Game Details

Genre: Multiplayer Turn-Based Strategy
PC, Mac
Release timeframe: tbd (Kickstarter will launch in Fall, 2013)

Press Assets

Screenshots: Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2

About Quarter Spiral

Quarter Spiral is an independent game developer founded by ex-BioWare producers Ethan Levy and Alex Kohlhofer. At BioWare, Levy led the development of Dragon Age Legends, named one of Kotaku’s Top 5 games on Facebook. Before joining BioWare, Kohlhofer was the co-creator of the cult turn-based strategy game Weewar, which was acquired by EA. Together with backend development expert Thorben Shroder, the team aims to create appealing, accessible yet deep games for the modern gamer.

Website: quarterspiral.com
Press Contact: ethan@quarterspiral.com