Travail (Grandendroit)

In Travail, you play as an artist in the 1960s who works a boring day job. But, during the long nights, he works on his baby: a comic called Death Boulder Bones. Draw into and edit the comic as you flip through the pages in order to complete the book and fulfill your dreams as an aspiring creator. But, damn, is it hard to create right.

Travail is an ambitious revamp of the game formerly known as Death Boulder Bones, and Indie Press Day will be the first time the game’s “new identity” is shown to the press. Now the old story is a sub-story, and instead developer Grandendroit is able to tell a tale that is truly meaningful. (Who hasn’t struggled to create something?) Experience an incredibly fun game while you read somewhat raving scribblings in the margins…

Game Details

Genre: Action Puzzler
PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
(PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U are on the wish list!)
Release timeframe: Winter 2013

Press Assets

Screenshots: Screenshot 1 | Screenshot 2
Trailer: YouTube (old game title, but the footage shown is still representative)

About Grandendroit

Grandendroit was first formed by coder and designer Eli Delventhal and artist Seth Robles. The two met at the first Global Game Jam, hit it off, and started working together outside of their day jobs. In 2010, they began work on Lab Rinth and officially formed Grandendroit. Now they’re doing their best to finish up Travail. The most important aspect of a game for them is for it to be fun, accessible, and to improve your day.

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