Specs for Signage — Good Game Club

Vendor name: Dynamite Digital

Be sure to include ALL screen and printer fonts, or convert your fonts to outlines.

If you files include placed images, the image files must accompany the parent file.

Convert all RGB files to SWOP CMYK.

PMS or custom colors must be specified in the file. Be aware that wxact PMS color matches may not be accurate when reproducing via CMYK output.

Transparency can cause serious problems in output, especially when combines with spot colors. Keep in mind that using transparent effects may cause productions delays, requiring artwork changes and possibly additional charges.

All art submitted via FTP or on a disk still requires a hard copy layout. Please send all media and a hard copies to Joel Dreskin, 116 Ward Street #21, Larkspur CA 94939. Be sure to include the name and telephone number or the file’s originator. Never attempt to email files over 5 MB.

Design Software and Compression: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign – Stuffit Deluxe
Vector Files Document Set-up

Most files come to us composite files, meaning they are a vector-based program containing raster images. Files from vector based programs such as Adobe Illustrator need not be built at full size. When working with large format images, it is often more convenient to build your documents at intermediate sizes such as 50% or 25%.

Please submit files as .eps or .pdf

Raster Files Document Set-up

Insufficient resolution is the most common issue with raster files, like those created in Adobe Photoshop. Follow these recommendations for minimum image resolution to avoid delays in processing your artwork and have good image quality.
Please submit files as .tiff or .pdf

Layout file built at 100% 100 dpi, Layout file built at 50% at 200 dpi, Layout file built at 25% 400 dpi.


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